Digital Signage

Publish captivating digital content with an easy-to-use system.

Automate content changes on each ship’s digital signage based on any number of pre-sets

Our digital signage system allows you to update changes according to:

  • Time of day
  • GPS position of the ship
  • Itinerary
  • Weather conditions
  • Current port
  • Schedule of activities in the daily Compass
  • Entertainment and theater schedules
  • Elevator movement
  • Location of the gangway
  • Deck number

Use playlists to display a variety of content on multiple types of screens

OnDeck’s digital signage module uses dynamic templates to display engaging content via playlists. Content includes:

  • Static images
  • Video signage
  • Images/video with text and title overlay
  • Restaurant menus
  • Weather conditions
  • Deck plans
  • Port information
  • Gangway location

Flexible tools for both shoreside and shipboard content managers

  • Create and assign playlists according to permissions
  • Shoreside managers can push screens to the entire fleet
  • Shipboard managers can change content daily as needed

Use Cases

Daily restaurant menus
A guest walks up to a signage board outside of a restaurant. The board is displaying the menu of the day. The guest sees that they can interact with the menu by swiping between breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.

Itinerary and weather
A passenger sees a digital kiosk and uses it to explore the itinerary for the day, the weather for the port tomorrow, and for wayfinding to orient themselves.

Dynamic information
A disembarking guest notices that a digital signage device that was displaying a playlist of available shore excursions is now showing information about the current port (the weather, the local currency, etc.) as well as the gangway location.

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