Easily manage a feature-rich iTV experience from shoreside and onboard.

An entertainment management console built just for cruise

Shoreside content management

Synchronized content


License expiry management

Ship- , group- , and class-level content delivery

A flexible, customizable TV interface for guests and crew

Watch on-demand TV shows and movies plus live TV

Check weather

View safety videos

View current path of the ship

Additional interactive modules are available via integrations through OnDeck Middleware

Integrations through OnDeck Middleware enable a variety of interactive modules:

  • Information, reservations and booking features:

    • Shore Excursions
    • Spa treatments
    • Restaurants (including viewing menus)
    • Ordering room service
  • Viewing passenger and ship information: 

    • Folio
    • Daily activities/Compass information
    • Guest’s personal calendar
    • Compendium

Supported devices and media

  • Supported devices:

    • LG Smart TVs
    • LG Set-top Boxes
    • Samsung Smart TVs
    • Getslash set-top boxes
    • RedCell players
    • Custom devices with some development (e.g., Raspberry Pi)
  • Supported media:

    • Live TV streams
    • Shipboard camera streams
    • DRM movie delivery
    • Video on demand TV shows (box sets)
    • Content produced onboard
    • Music
    • Digital radio channels

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