Onboard Notifications

Reliably deliver notifications to guests.

Push notifications without internet connectivity

Local Push Notifications take advantage of the Local Push Connectivity API available in iOS and similar functionalities within Android to provide push notifications without any reliance on Internet connectivity.

This has two main benefits:

More reliable message delivery

No need to open network access to push notification services

Send messages to passengers via the iTV system or push notifications to the cruise app

OnDeck Notifications allows crew to send messages to passengers via the iTV system or mobile push notifications to the cruise app.

Notifications can synchronize with iTV notifications so that guests can be reached on multiple platforms without having to see a message multiple times.

Pre-built templates

Title only or title and body text

Simple acknowledgement


Custom response required (Yes/No, Today/Tomorrow, etc.)

Monitor delivery and responses from a simple dashboard

Responses of each passenger or crew member

Percent of push notifications successfully reaching mobile phones


Number of messages sent in a given time period

Use Cases

Time-sensitive excursion info
The Excursion Manager sends a group of passengers a notification to their TVs and mobile phones alerting them about a rainstorm at their destination and to bring the umbrella that is located in their staterooms.

Event preparation
The Spa Manager sends a question notification to a guest asking if they would like champagne to be chilled and waiting for them at their treatment.

Updates without a loudspeaker
The Assistant Cruise Director sends a message to the entire ship, alerting them of a port change.

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