Automate guest feedback collection.

Easily configure event-based surveys.

Pre- and post-cruise

Shore excursion feedback

Spa treatment feedback

Restaurant experience

Customize triggers to seek feedback at the right place and time.

Following completion of check-in or check-out

At an event's start time

After a custom amount of time after an event has ended

Push notifications to the guest app or stateroom TV

Gather the right metrics with flexible formatting and question types.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Likert scales

Multiple choice

Free response

Use Cases

Excursion Feedback
Within 30 minutes after a guest has returned to the ship from a shore excursion, they are sent a push notification. Tapping on the notification opens their mobile app and presents them with a survey about the excursion they just took.

Restaurant Feedback
A couple returning to their cabin after dinner turns on their stateroom TV and are asked if they would mind taking a brief survey about their dining experience.

Spa Feedback
A business analyst logs into the shoreside version of Cruise Director and downloads all recent survey data to see how a new spa treatment offering is being received.

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