Mobile SDK

Build your own app faster using OnDeck Mobile SDK building blocks.

Quickly build apps that integrate with OnDeck Cruise Director platform and modules

The OnDeck Mobile SDK is a React Native SDK for connecting to OnDeck’s Middleware. This allows your own developers to easily build Android and iOS applications with all the benefits of the OnDeck Cruise Director platform and modules.

Your developers don’t have to pour through or understand extensive API documentation. They simply interface with the SDK, and the SDK in turn, interfaces with OnDeck Cruise Director. This allows your team to create your own custom mobile app with all the benefits OnDeck Cruise Director has to offer.

Features include:

  • React Native SDK for connecting to OnDeck Middleware
  • Build Android or iOS applications
  • No extensive API documentation – simply interface with the SDK
  • Fully documented SDK with docblocks for easy integration into IDEs
  • Modern, written in typescript

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