Customize access by ship, role, and user.

A flexible permissioning system to allow admins to control access by:

  • Customized user role
  • Individual module access (eg. access the OnDeck Entertainment module but not OnDeck Digital Signage)
  • Access to individual features of a page (for example being able to view, but not edit)
  • Access to individual functions on a page (having certain buttons grayed out for certain users, user types, or custom roles)

Mix-and-match permission sets to meet your specific needs:

  • An Assistant Cruise Director could have access to updating the daily calendar but not creating templates.
  • A junior shoreside content manager could have access to editing movie metadata for river ships but not expedition ships.
  • An InfoSec employee walks onto a ship and logs in to the system with admin privileges; the same credentials are set to work on the next ship they’ll visit

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